Is This You? Relationship Issues

SINGLES who are:

  • lacking meaningful friendships
  • feeling lonely and isolated with few, if any support people
  • afraid to trust the same or opposite gender for fear of being hurt
  • tired of dating because it never works out
  • repeatedly picking a partner who dumps you, leaving you feeling confused and devastated

SINGLES in a relationship who are:

  • afraid of letting your partner get to know the real you
  • 'ho-hum' about the relationship, with part of you in the relationship and another part waiting for an excuse to leave
  • believing you're committed to your partner, then wondering why you're fantasizing, flirting or thinking of ending this wonderful relationship


  • trying to heal from an affair
  • living like roommates with little or no sex
  • ready to call the divorce attorney
  • unable to communicate in a productive way
  • bored with each other and have little in common, except the kids
  • tired of the continuing arguments and fights
  • withdrawing from your partner because of past unresolved disappointments and hurts
  • struggling with the addiction of one of the partners
  • dealing with parenting issues


  • deciding whether or not to marry
  • interested in premarital work to increase their chances of a successful partnership
  • in a good relationship and want to make it better

Being in a happy relationship can be one of life's most satisfying blessings. Relationships enrich our lives and our world and it makes sense to learn some skills to help us make them be the best they can be. However, too many people don't experience the pleasure of meaningful friendships and many romantic relationship end when there is still hope. If you struggle in relationships, CALL NOW for your appointment: 859-292-8888. I can teach you skills that will start you on a path of improving your relationships and increasing your chances for deeper connections with your friends or significant other.

"LOVE is what is left in a relationship after all the SELFISHNESS has been removed."
- Ferdinand Braudel

"SUCCESS in marriage is more than finding the right person. BEING the RIGHT PERSON is even more important."
- Elof Nelson